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Three Hierarchs Seminary

established in 1964
"The Purpose of Three Hierarchs Seminary is to educate and train dedicated people who will advance the Faith of the Fathers in accordance with a progressing American Life." 

Three Hierarchs Seminary was located on the shores of Lake of the Woods. It included the several buildings, class rooms, residences, editorial and publications offices, St. John’s Chapel, and an extensive library, which now resides at St. Francis of the Woods. The Seminary offered a
Bachelor of Theology degree or a Certificate of Theology.  


While Three Hierarchs Seminary is no longer an active seminary, the EOCCIA still offers training and ordination for qualifying candidates. Candidates for ordination must first complete a three year course of spiritual formation with the HeartPaths training program.

Candidates for ordination then participate in an additional year of training on Eastern Orthodox belief and practice including Historical and Practical Theology. The EOCCIA is dedicated to inclusive ecumenical Orthodoxy. All are welcome in our faith community. We believe the love of God encompasses all that exists.  

 If you're interested in deepening your spiritual journey, contact us today. 

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